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Constant connecting


We are constantly in a continuous loop of sacred communication with the Spirit world. Our home, the etheric realm, is where our true nature and divine self resides. We cannot separate ourselves from this true nature. For only a small part of our divine self separated itself enough to come to the earth for a human experience.
Staying connected with our own sacred Divine is vital for our journey on the earth; so connecting to our heart core center is a thing that must be mastered. The next thing to remember is that connecting to Spirit will enhance and enrich your life on every level of your beingness. So, for every one of your earthy and human concerns and needs there is a spiritual being supporting you on your path back home. The lessons you are going through were all mapped out already, and your guides know the map, they know your stepping stones that you must go through. They also know what is at the end of every lesson you are processing through. Since they are in the know of your path, don’t you think it is a good idea to ask for guidance with life?
Don’t worry you are safe, you have guardian angels making you that way, and nothing happens in your life that is not known!!! If you are in an accident, if you have an illness, if you have relationship issues, if you have a lack of money etc. etc; this is all known and there is a path on your map to wind your way though. But you do not need to do it alone; for there are your guardian angels, your guides, ascended masters and archangels to guide and direct your every step.
Have faith, trust, get connected, ask, and stay connected!

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