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A step in the process of letting go

letting goI believe there is an art to letting go, I also think some things are easier to let go than others. For instance take toxic people? This all depends on the level one is addicted to the toxins and behaviors of said person. Letting go of toxic people also depends on if it is serving you somehow to have them around. Do you get to play victim or martyr? Then there is the “you’ve had enough!” and how long does “you’ve had enough” go on for???
How are you supposed to love and care for yourself if you are allowing yourself to be used and criticized and manipulated? You aren’t!!! But it is very important to ask youself if you are toxic in the relationship with this people as well? If so, you must first let go of being a user, abuser, manipulator, critical, and or complainer; along with any other feeling or behavior that you find not of goodness and love when you are with this particular person(s). Remember that people often if not all the time mimic our own weaknesses.
May I suggest looking gently and lovingly at yourself when you find something in others that you do not like. Then start the changing process for yourself first. Often when your own energy changes and you “let go” of what is not longer serving you toxic people and experiences will change to fit your own vibrations!
Blessings to letting go of the things that do not serve you for your highest and best!

peace in your heart

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