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About Ms. Kathryn

I am a spiritual medium and an intuitive life coach. I’ve spent many years and have gained a great deal of experience as a medical intuitive and guide, Reiki master, and remote viewer. In addition. I also can see inside the physical body and can identify and support areas of concern.  Perceiving the patterns and genetic coding responsible for physical, emotional, and spiritual distress.

Years of readings have honed my skills at connecting with guides, angels, and those who have crossed to the other side. Whether you need help with your health, your career, unresolved emotional/spiritual issues, connecting to your guides, or stepping to a new level of awareness, I want to help.

I also have a special connection with the Akashic records and the soul’s journey, so if one is feeling lost in their life path, a soul reading is a special gift. It is a beautiful place where all the records are stored, from your book of life to all the recordings of all life on the planet. It is always a treat to go here.

Banishing the dark and unwanted energies also is part of my gifts, so clearing and bringing back the light to people, places, and things!

I hope to set you at ease and allow you to be open to your growth and change. From a place of safety and love, you may choose to let go of core issues that have kept you blocked, unwell, and/or unhappy. A consultation will likely change your life.

My story and why I do this:

“As a child, I was very emphatic. I felt (deeply) the feelings of those around me,  feeling a deep connection with my angles and never doubting a higher power or the existence and support from other realms outside our physical world. I am truly grateful for my gifts and know they were given to me for a purpose.  striving every day to assist those who come to me with kindness, love, and respect because working deep within can be difficult.  Furthermore, I will always be a student and seeker of Divine Universal Truth to pass on and share with others.

I started to step into my gifts in my early twenties, having Divine visitations and experiences. I started an inner journey in the world of the Shamanic, connecting to earth and spirit. This was  a spring board into who I am today.

Areas of specialty include:

  • Soul life path 
  •  Intuitive body readings 
  •  Genetic DNA work 
  •  Emotional and deep belief work 
  •  Trauma release 
  •  Energetic property clearings 
  •  Connecting with departed ones 
  •  Reiki Master 
  • Soul connections 
  • Angel and Guide Connections 
  • Past-life regression 
  • Channeler to ARN 

On a personal note:

I’m a mother of four grown children and a few stepchildren along with a handful of grand littles. My darling husband and I  moved from Utah, traveling full-time for about 5 years in our RV. Going from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the beach in California to now the high desert of Nevada where I can work in peace and tranquility. I love to read and wander about bookstores and what I like to call woo-woo shops. After all, there is so much to inspire me. When I want to be in a thinking and in creative zone I love to scrapbook and make handmade cards, puzzles, and crochet. So, there is a little about the personal side of me.

I love to study and research anything about health, well-being, and spiritual things. I am proud of my first little book Connecting to the Other Side that you can get through Amazon Kindle.

For a copy click the link in the sidebar!