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The Archangels are the overseers of all other angels. There are over 75 different Archangels that I know of, and probably many that I don’t. Now each of these beings are the directors over a particular specialized function. I like to call them offices; such as the office of Archangel Michael. Now he is a familiar, many people call upon Archangel Michael. So, when I call upon him, he usually brings a team. They follow his directive and work with and for him. Michael is also one of the leaders among the Archangels. His name actually means, “he who is like God” Most light workers go to him because he is the overseer of the Light Workers and their life purpose. He in fact was the one who assembled the light workers to help rid the inhabitants of the planet of fear. He is big, very handsome and powerful and carries a very big and fine sword of power!

The versatility of services that the offices of the Archangels are many; from protection, helping with money issues, when you lost something, when you need help communicating, when there is an illness, when one needs guidance, to help be a better parent, to help with the children, help with your career, to give you courage and hope, guide you through your forgiveness process, give grace, and healing all sorts of things; as well as aid in your path to your divine self.

Asking for guidance and assistance from Archangels must come from a sincere heart. It is very unwise to call upon an angel of any level for something that is not of goodness and love. Take time to know why you are calling upon the angel realm, even to asking who is best fitted for your situation. Seek the council of the Divine for your highest and best, and the highest and best if asking for help be sent to someone else.

Archangels are extremely powerful but they work from the Divine Love, and this is where you need to be as well.
Note: My favorite book about the duties of Archangels is Doreen Virtue’s Archangels and Ascended Masters. This is a fantastic reverence guide of the who’s who in this realm of angels.

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