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Ascended Masters

Buddha CompassionA level of the angelic realm is the ascended masters. They are beings that have lived on the earth prior and were great teachers, healers, and or prophets. They now reside in the spirit world and also help us from there. They are from all places, all cultures, and religions; both modern day and from the ancient times. Many can be identified such as Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gandhi and Mother Teresa. They are the saints, the goddesses and gods.
It is not necessary to be in a certain religion or group to believe in these beings, and you may align and call upon any of them. It may help to know of the certain behavior and teachings of the ascended master to call upon them. Such as calling upon Mother Teresa, she was one of create service and compassion. Jesus was a great teacher and healer.
Many ascended masters have returned to earth, and are living among you, you may even be one of them. Pay attention. You will be attracted to them, for their wisdom, for their love, their compassion, and for their desire to make the world a better place.
There are many ascended masters that can be called upon, and they feel honored and great joy to be asked to assist us in our path here on the planet. Remember they have been here so they know the power of the opposition that is on our planet, they experienced the ups and downs of life.
With a sincere heart, a grateful heart you ask the Divine Creator for their assistance. Ask what is wanted, simply and directly. Please do not tell the Divine how to or when to, (giggle) because it is not our time they are working with. They are working with Divine Timing. And it is also good to remember to let go and trust that they might have a much greater way of handling the situation at hand, they you could ever imagine.
Ask, and you shall receive.

Gandhi Be the Change

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