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Benefits of Gratitude


It is much easier to have gratitude for the people in our lives and things we have, but when was the last time your showed gratitude for yourself? You might think this a little selfish but it isn’t. Feeling gratitude is an amazing gift makes kittens purr and dogs wave their tails. What sign do you have when you are feeling gratitude? Through gratitude from the heart we actually can feel joy, so much so your eyes might leak!
It is time to start being thankful, grateful and blessed within you. There are probably a list of things you do on a daily bases that require you heart to be shown gratitude. I challenge you to name a few; name at least three things every night what you did that you are proud of yourself that day. Start simple, get detailed. Just do it and you’ll be amazed at the benefits?
Benefits of gratitude:
• Helps calm you down. It has shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.
• Listing gratitude before sleeping can improve the duration and quality of sleep.
• It has shown to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.
• It can actually help you breathe easier, yes try it, say something you are thankful for and then take a deep breath. (Feel better, don’t you!)
• It builds optimism which in turn can build your immune system. (Think of someone who is always optimistic and grateful, how often are they sick?)
• It creates a mental resilience
• It helps to reduce negative emotions such as regrets, envy and even resentments
• Want to fight of depression, try being grateful!
• Lowers aggression tendencies
• Being thankful helps to boost your own self esteem.

girl-1004751_640Is it about time you gave yourself a pat on the back and said good job, you made it through another day! Good going for a job well done, might be awkward at first but I encourage you to give it a go!

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