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There are moments in life where you know you make a difference; when you have said something, done something that has touched someone else’s heart. To touch their heart you must love them, to love them is to love yourself, and to love yourself is to love the sacred Divine. For it is all one. …

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I love quiet, it is amazing what you hear when it is quiet. It is amazing what you can see when it is quiet, and discover when it is quiet. Over the years I have learned to be very quiet. I have some friends that this drives them completely crazy to have quiet. There seems …

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Roses for my Dad

There is a little pink rosebush that my husband gave me as a gift, and I planted this little bush off the front porch in the flower bed. Now this little rose bush is tucked behind a big rock protected from the other plants and the dog running through the flower bed playing catch. It …

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