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Gallbladder/Liver Cleanse

Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

*Do not use this cleanse if the body has cirrhosis or hepatitis

Please be cautious with this cleanse.

Day 1.

Take herbal laxatives in the evening before bed. (Smooth Move Tea)

Day 2-4

100 drops of Ortho-Phos in a quart of high-quality (organic if possible) apple juice in the morning.

During these three days, you do not need to alter your diet. I would, however, eat healthily, why detoxify if you are putting toxins back in!

So in these three days, you are drinking 3 quarts of apple juice and 300 drops of Ortho-Phos (Link on the sidebar of this post)

On the evening of day 4, eat dinner early. Then about an hour before bed take

1 cup high-quality cold-pressed olive oil

1 cup coke

1 whole lemon(squeezed)

Blend these together and drink up. The coke helps to swallow the olive oil.

Immediately after you drink the olive oil mixture go to bed. Bring your knees to your chest and hold for a few minutes. Then lie on your right side for 30 min. This will cause liquid to go directly to your gallbladder and liver. The organs will spasm and throw off stones and toxins emptying the system of old bile and it will make new.

Take an herbal laxative after 30-45 minutes so that you will eliminate in the morning.

Consider doing a colon cleanse before and after this cleanse.

** A variation of this is Epson Salt.

After the days of apple juice. On the third day of the flush two hours after lunch dissolve two tablespoons of Epsom Salt in 3 oz. water, and drink. You may put it in orange juice.

The evening dose: 5 hours after lunch dissolve one TBSP Epsom Salt in 3 oz. of water and drink.

The next morning take 1 TBSP in 3 oz. water and drink.

Note: This cleanse is intended as an informational guide. This is a remedy meant to supplement and is in no way a substitute for professional medical care or treatment by a licensed doctor or professional. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional and do not treat if there are serious health issues.

Another Flush/Detox program is listed below.

Liver and Gallbladder Flush/Detox

To aid normal function of the liver and gallbladder it is advisable to use this detox/flush to restore health and vitality.

Follow these guidelines:

Step one.

Days 1 through day 7 at noon. Drink as much apple juice or cider as your appetite will permit. You may eat regular meals and any supplements and medications. Pure apple juice from a health food store is preferred, as there are no additives.

Step two.

At noon on the seventh day, eat a normal lunch.

Step three:

Three hours after lunch, take 2 TBSP. of Epson Salt dissolved in about one ounce of hot water. The taste may be hard to take, you may follow up with some citrus juice, preferably freshly squeezed.

Step four:

Two hours later repeat step three.

Step five:

You may have grapefruit juice, if you absolutely do not like grapefruit juice, you may have other citrus juice freshly squeezed for your evening meal.

Step six:

At bedtime, you may have one of the following:

  1. ½ cup refined olive oil followed by a small glass of grapefruit juice. Or
  2. ½ cup warm, unrefined olive oil blended with ½ cup fresh lemon juice.

***Note: Unrefined olive oil can be purchased from most health food stores. It is best with fresh juice, but if you must you can use bottled 100% juices.

Step seven:

After completing step six go immediately to bed and lie on your right side, with your right knee pulled up close to your chest for thirty minutes.

Step eight:

Day 8, in the morning, an hour before breakfast, take 2 TBSP Epson Salt dissolved in two ounces of hot water.

Step nine:

Normal diet throughout the day and all supplements and medications.

Step ten:

You’ll be spending a lot of time in the bathroom. You may find tiny gallstones in your stools that are light to dark green in color and shaped irregularly. This may vary in size. If there is a large number, repeat this detox in two weeks.

**Many have reported nausea when taking the olive oil/citrus juice, this should subside as it is time for bed. If you vomit, you may not want to repeat this procedure at this time. This is a rare occurrence. This detox flush for the gallbladder and liver stimulates these organs very well. It has helped many who have suffered from gallstones, backaches, nausea, fatty liver, etc.




Connecting to Souls of the Twin Towers

Connecting to the Souls of the Twin Towers

I’ve been thinking a lot about my experience of working with souls of the Twin Towers and 9-11. So I thought I’d share my experience of it from both sides one from the physical and the other from the spirit side. This is an excerpt from my book Connecting to the Other Side.

Connecting to the Souls of the Twin Towers

I heard the news as I was getting ready for work. “The Twin Towers in New York have been hit by terrorists.” Like the rest of the country, I watched in horror and in disbelief as the scenes played over and over again on the television, planes crashing into the towers, people stranded and pleading for help (but with no hope of rescue), uncontrollable fires, and the deafening roar as whole buildings fell to the earth.  Tears streamed down my cheeks and I tried to choke back heaving sobs as I watched.

I went to work that day in the small scrapbooking store in my local community, but there were no customers. The entire town; the entire nation was in shock.  All was deathly still, everywhere. But life continued, children still needed to be picked up from school and dinner still had to be prepared. There was still homework and dishes, but for me, it was all almost unbearable. As an empath and as an intuitive, the trauma of those souls caught in the towers, the death, the terror, the grief experienced by their families and the entire nation was with me every moment. My heart ached with a heaviness I had never experienced before.

Visions and Witnessing

Early the next morning, the visions began. I became a witness to it all from a new perspective outside of time and space. I watched as the heavens opened up directly over the tragedy.  In spectacular and awe-inspiring wonder, I watched as thousands of angels (shimmering in all the iridescent colors of the rainbow) descended to guide deceased victims to the world of Spirit. The outpouring of love from the higher realms was as emotionally moving as the grief and horror I had experienced the day before. The tears came again as I was overcome with a surety that each of us is deeply loved. At that moment, I knew there was not an individual that had come to this planet who was not profoundly and genuinely loved.

I will also remember the initial moment when I was whisked from my body and taken in spirit to the South Tower stairwell.  I found myself facing upward into the eyes of a beautifully-dressed black woman who immediately put her hands on my shoulders and shook me. With tears rolling down her checks, she cried, “They won’t be able to find any of me!” She repeated it over and over.  I was speechless, still adjusting to my circumstances. I looked from her eyes to the eyes of a man dressed in a dark blue suit and tie. He occupied the step immediately behind her.  This man’s question was simple. He asked, “What happened?”

After getting a sense of my bearings and what my purpose for being there was; I wrapped my arms around the woman and told her that everything would be all right. Then, looking into the inquiring, blue eyes of the gentleman in the suit, I told both of them that the building had been hit by terrorist planes. I told them everything I knew at the time. They shared with me their experience of the deafening boom; how the building had seemed to shake from its core, and then crumble around them.

I was suddenly aware of the vast number of individuals who were frozen in a moment of time—the split second when their precious lives had been taken without warning. In the physical world, there was lung-choking dust, rubble, and confusion. In the spiritual realm, time stood still. From my perspective, the buildings were still there, tall and majestic against the New York skyline. Offices, hallways, rooms, desks, papers, files, and computers; it was all still there, just in a different space and time.

Guidance begins

My attention was drawn back to the souls in the South Tower. I began my work. One by one, and sometimes two at a time, I ushered them to the Light. I noticed that as soon as a soul became aware of the Light, they were able to be escorted by angels and loved ones into the realm of Spirit.

Over the next two weeks, I was taken back to the same South Tower stairwell on many occasions. That seemed to be my personal assignment. I never knew when I would be called away from my tasks as a working mother to assist the victims stranded there in time. So consumed in the work (even when I was not actually there) that my memory of the physical events of those two weeks is still a blur. But, I will never forget their stories, their faces, their fears, the shock, and the horror.

Questions for my guides

One of the things that puzzled me was why some of those souls had remained trapped in time, frozen at the moment and unaware of the Light, while others had been able to connect with angels and guides and move on.  Didn’t everyone have guides?  Where were they? Why had they not come to assist? Another question that kept coming to my mind was, “Why was it necessary for me to assist?”  There appeared to be something about the fact that I still had a physical body even though I was working in Spirit.

My questions were eventually answered by one of the spirit guides. He told me, “You have the vibration of the living. Souls in shock can still recognize the living. Sometimes they cannot yet recognize Spirit. So, it wasn’t that these trapped souls didn’t have guides and angels willing and ready to assist them, it was more about the fact that either the shock or their beliefs kept them from recognizing anything in the spiritual realm.  I had a link to both dimensions. My role was to make a connection they could perceive and then awaken them to the Light. When the souls came into awareness, they connected with their guides and were able to move on.

Where are they all going?

After several days of intermittent work, I asked one of the attending angels, “Where are all these souls going?” “Where are you taking them?” The angel chuckled, and said, “You know where.”  I remember frowning and reminding him that I was still on the physical Earth plane and that I did not remember the spiritual realms. He lit up and said he’d show me. Together, we helped the woman we had been working with to cross over. I gave her a hug, and turned her over to her mother, witnessing the bittersweetness of that reunion. Then I was permitted to travel with this beautiful angelic being to a luminous building.

We walked through shimmering double doors that were like energetic glass. It was obvious this was a sacred place of healing.  Through the doors, we entered a great rotunda where you felt more than heard soothing melodic sounds. Looking up was like looking into the eternities. I stopped, completely awed by the intense beauty. It is hard to explain the intensity of the colors I saw or the beauty of the billowing clouds and the expansiveness of the space. It reminded me of photos I had seen of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. I said to my angelic guide, “This must be where Michelangelo got his inspiration for the Sistine Chapel.” That remark got the attention of several beings around me. I had a distinct impression that my statement might have been correct; funny though no one ever said.

I witnessed a multitude of hallways, all extending from the rotunda like spokes on a wheel. Each hallway or wing seemed to have a different purpose, and each one became exactly what was necessary. Each had the capacity to grow to accommodate the number of entering souls. The wing for the Twin Towers tragedy was extensive. There were angels, family members and loved ones everywhere attending to those who had been involved. My heart was full of emotion as I witnessed the love and care is given.

My brief tour included places where souls were taken that had long illnesses or deaths that took an extensive toll on their bodies but their deaths took a toll on the spiritual body as well. This wing was a place where the soul could recuperate and regenerate. A place to readjust from being in the extreme heaviness of a diseased or incapacitated body before moving into the lightness of Spirit.

Finding peace within tragedy

I still feel a sense of wonder, awe, and heartache when I remember this experience. I feel honored to have been able to assist those souls who lost their lives at the Twin Towers.  It is important to know that we are all dearly loved, never alone or forgotten.

There is so much going on on our planet that is horrific and packs a lot of trauma. Fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, war etc. I pray for a higher harmonic of peace for all inhabitants of this planet and beyond.


For a Kindle version of my book please go to https://www.amazon.com/Connecting-Other-Side-Mediums-Journey-ebook/dp/B01F7FZOLC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505150771&sr=8-1&keywords=Connecting+to+the+other+side



Raise of hands, who’s Stressed?

Stressed? Raise your hand!

Alright, I had an ah ha moment this morning; I’m stressed, so I’ll raise my hand, because I am a person that seems to thrive and live daily on stress. Yes, not a wonderful thing to admit let along to or thrive on and  live my life in constant stress. But what if fear was the basis of this stress?

Questions of your Stress vs. your Fears

If stress is part of your life, it is time to ask yourself the questions of what causes me the most stress? And why? What am I really afraid of? What fears am I building this stress upon? It is really simple but we feel so complicated and often overwhelmed when we live this way. We can have our come from fear based, or we can have our life come from love and support. Which would you prefer? Knowing who we are, and where we come from can make your life flow a little easier, and knowing ourselves and our path here on the planet makes it a bit more wonderful living the day to day, and even give us a better and brighter future outcome. It is time to change our story, bring down our hands of stress, and empower ourselves from the core outward.

Some of the basics of stress can be to name a few are: financial, bills, my job, my boss, fellow employees, traffic, spouse, children, car problems, to much to do, not enough time…..What is your list? Write it down! Then  the next thing to do is list them in order of what is the most stressful in your life to the least.

  1. Finances
  2. Spouse/marriage
  3. Children
  4. Job
  5. Boss
  6. Parents
  7. Etc.

Then take each of those and sub categorize it.

For example: Financial

a. not earning enough,

b. difficulty paying bills, to many obligations, in debt.

c. etc.

Next step: What fears, beliefs and emotions come about with each on your list.

For example, Do you have a fear of never having enough? This is a basic fear. Or the fear that you are not good enough, this goes even a level deeper and the fear of not having enough is built on the good enough.

So, imagine all the stress that is built up in your life is built on fears and belief systems. Find out what yours are, and de-stress your life!

How would you live differently if you had less stress?

For me, I would probably worry about all my problems a lot less and focus on the inspiration that comes to me; think about that, act upon that inspiration!

Once you have identified some of the sources of your stress, the next step is to support your mind, body and soul to live in a more calm and happy state. When you change a few things you will notice that the things that used to stress you, won’t so much, and you will have a new frequency and vibrational level, and that means you won’t attract that anymore. Ah, doesn’t that sound good?

Support for Change:

  1. Do you need assistance in finding the core issues of fear and stress, then changing what no longer serves you? Please schedule an appointment with me, this is one of my favorite parts of the my job, to dig to find the answers. Sometimes we need the big toys to dig deep!
  2. Learn your trigger points. Be aware of your stress levels, and start paying attention!
  3. Start noticing when your are stressed. Ask yourself why, what is it. And what is under neath it.
  4. Nutrition: Eat well, and drink plenty of water. Also there are great supplements to help the body to de- stress.
  5. Movement: yes exercise if you have to call it that! Personally I like to walk, do Tai chi, and Q gong
  6. Get a massage! This is a great way to relieve stress and relax the body into a different vibration level.
  7. Essential Oils and Stones and Crystals:
  8. Daily gratitude and affirmations
  9. Read – Read for fun, read for insight and wisdom.
  10. Music – Calming and uplifting
  11. Beautiful spaces – go to the beach or the mountains; take time to ground with nature.
  12. Practice Mindfulness

I hope this article helps you along your path, feel free to make your comments and share your story. If I can inspire or assist you in any other way, please contact me.


Multiple symptoms? One simple answer!

Plagued with any of these symptoms? A combo of? You could have a mineral deficiency!

Stress*Anxiety*Insomnia*Irritability*Low energy*Chronic Fatigue*Weakness*Hormonal Imbalances*Headaches*Migraines*Nervousness*Abnormal heart rhythms*High blood pressure*Bone weakness*Pain*Facial Twitching*Acid Re-flux*Digestive Issues*Depression*Cystitis*Restless Leg*Muscle cramps*Muscle spasms

One answer – Magnesium!

Most people are magnesium deficient!  This mineral is of vital importance for numerous functions of the body because it regulates more than 300 enzymes, and is required in every cell. The lifestyles nowadays deal with a great deal of stress, and the body uses more minerals than most are able to consume through foods. This is a list of the most common symptoms which indicate that you should increase the levels of magnesium in the body:

Magnesium aids with:

Regulates levels of calcium and potassium

Magnesium’s role is to transport calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes. This helps normal heartbeats, blood pressure, muscle contractions, nerve impulses. Calcium is virtually useless without magnesium.

High Blood Pressure

Magnesium relaxes the blood vessels

 Acid Re-flux

The acid re flux or heartburn can often times be relieved by consuming magnesium.

Muscle cramps and pain

Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle cramps and body aches, this is a great mineral to relax the muscles.

Without magnesium the muscles would be in a constant state of contraction. Calcium works to contract the muscle, but magnesium is the relaxer!


Taking magnesium can help relax the mind and the body to calm anxieties. The hormones regulated by magnesium help to calm the brain and promote relaxation and is very good for the serotonin levels.

Headaches and Migraines

Magnesium helps to control headaches by releasing pain reducing hormones to reduce the vasoconstriction and constrictions of blood vessels. The consumption of dark chocolate rich in magnesium will help to relieve pain and tension from headaches. (Good reason for dark chocolate!)

Chocolate cravings

Since it lacks it, the body sends signals to crave for that food which contains the needed nutrients. Thus, the body craves for chocolate when it does not have magnesium at sufficient levels. The consumption of some dark chocolate provides 25% of the daily requirement of magnesium.


The relaxing properties of this beneficial mineral help digestion as well, so in the case of its deficiency, the person suffers from constipation due to the blocked waste removal. Magnesium relaxes the muscles within the digestive tract and neutralizes the acid in the stomach to help move stools through the intestines.


Use magnesium Glycinate for insomnia, helping the body to relax. It helps to quiet the racing mind, and calms the heart rate too.

Irregular Heartbeat

The heart uses the highest amount of magnesium, relaxing the heart muscles, and its deficiency leads to arrhythmia or an irregular heartbeat. Working with calcium it supports good blood pressure and helps to prevent hypertension too!

Energy Enhancer!

To regulate your energy levels and get moving! Magnesium activates the ATP in your body! That is pure energy!

Great ways to get your magnesium!


Cocoa is a rich source of antioxidants. And It is abundant in magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, and zinc. (Yeah, chocolate!)

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc and magnesium. But they also have potent anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts contain amazing amounts of magnesium, vitamin B, E, and monounsaturated fatty acids. Eating these often can bring up magnesium levels nicely.


Cashews are high in antioxidants, which prevent stress and oxidative damage, magnesium, as well as copper, which helps the production of melanin.


Spinach is rich in magnesium, Vitamins, A, C &K, potassium, calcium, and zinc, as well as other nutrients. It is great for your muscles and to lower the risk of heart diseases!


It is rich in magnesium and is a high-quality protein.


This beneficial gluten-free food is high in magnesium, protein, and amino acids which raises the hormone of happiness – serotonin.


Almonds are rich in magnesium and good monounsaturated fats. They help to regulate blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.


Rich in antioxidants and may prevent many diseases from oxidation damage and stress. They also contain copper which is a good mineral for producing melanin.

Rice Bran

It is high in magnesium, dietary fiber, and sodium. The magnesium of this type supports the function of the brain, improves heart health, and the function of the kidneys.

Sesame seeds


Swiss Chard

Epson Salt – Yes take a bath! I add baking soda to help detox and relax


Not all magnesium is the same!

Aspartate: Cellular health

Glycinate: This is great for relaxing, for nerve pain, leaky gut and has a good absorption

Chloride: Detoxing, Kidneys and Metabolism, Nourishes and soothes skin

Citrate: This kind is generally not recommended for it can cause iron dysregulation and health issues

Malate: Good for ATP and cellular energy

Oxide: Only take this in small doses. Good for a laxative

Sulfate:  Best in the bath (Epson Salts) Good for detoxing and muscle relaxing

Taurate/Orotate: Heart health, calmness

Threonate: This is good for the brain health. For PTSD, Depression, anxiety, Brain and neuro conditions

Lysinate: Good for gastric health

L-Threonate: Mental health and cognitive health


*Look at supporting the adrenal glands when magnesium deficient, poor adrenal function encourages the body to expel the magnesium as waste and the body is unable to use and absorb it.

**Recommended dose of magnesium is 500-1000 mg. along with Vitamin C, Calcium and Vitamin D. Best time to take it – before you go to bed at night!

***Be well – Be Happy!!!


Favorite reference:

Do we have a limited number heartbeats?

Question to Source – “Do we have a limited amount of heartbeats in our life”?

There have been so many people around me that are passing away and going home that it has got me again thinking all around this phenomenon. I have predicted it for years that the closer we came to the shift of time many would cross over; because they do not want to be here for various reasons. So, with word this morning that I have another someone very close to me having heart issues and is getting close to her call home; I had an interesting question that I posed to Source. “Do each of us living here on the planet have a certain amount of heartbeats that we get?” The answer I received was “no”. The message continued however with: “The heart however is the center of all living things, physical and spiritual. That for humans there is a measurement of the energy of the heart instead of the number of beats.

Heart Centered – love centered

As souls we are timeless beings, meaning when we are in soul form there is just now, and no linear time. All beings are connected to the source of all things; which is Love, that is all that it is. A source of oneness of Love. The physical heart however is timed with our physical, but is still the center of life.  So many of us are here on the planet learning the lessons of love and connection of heart/energy, others are here playing out karma, and some just playing the game of earth. We are not here to judge the journey of others but know who we are and why we are here at this time.  Are we here to play the game or to expand our love energy, or both?

Heart & Soul Reading

When asked if I could I measure on the heart on a scale, and I was told that this is not how it works in the spiritual realm. But for the sake of physical limitations that I could. So, I asked what mine was….Oh dear. I have work to do! Knowing that we can see and know how we are doing in several different ways, and I will continue go and ask more, so I can journey better centered in the “Heart”; and as an intuitive life coach helping others along their journey of knowing and connecting.


Would you like to know where you are on your scale of love? Where you are on your own souls journey with love?

It is a good idea to check in with your own souls journey to see how you’re doing. I’ll be happy to assist you in this; schedule a 30 min session now.