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Challenge accomplished!


Thirty day blog challenge and I accomplished it! What an amazing feeling to have done something in my work and got to the finish line! Frankly I’m proud of myself, and for all of you that played along thank you, thank you, thank you! Do you realize that because all of our energy was focused on the same goal it sent the energy out to the universe to help us! So, yahoo to all of us!!!
Finding a connection to your own heart core center, to your own life’s purpose and connecting with your angels with love and for love is the bases of where you can live a healthy, full and wonderful life. My life’s purpose is to help anyone that wants to connect, to teach the ways for them to do so. I love my work, and I am grateful that I am gifted in these intuitive ways. My challenge is in always loving and forgiving myself and taking better care. But I’m working on it, and am finding some joy in the process, and I hope you will too.
And with the challenge over I’d like to offer my fellow challengers a gift. If you have read my blog the last month and it has touched your heart or wanted you to feel better about yourself and even if you didn’t; I’m offering $40 off my online price for an hour reading or consult. We can look at your life path; find and take away some of your blocks, teach you peace or even talk to your angels and loved ones on the other side. Please feel free to message me and set up a time.
Peace and love be to all of you, in gratitude.

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