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Cracked Vision

carlyeditedA month or so ago, the windshield of our brand new car got a crack in it! It started to run down the right side. A week or so later, another rock hit within an inch or two of the same height on the left side within inches of the side. These cracks were almost identical, and they also ran a crossed and down the windshield the same.  At the time I thought to myself, how interesting; there are cracks in my vision somewhere.

A friend and I were discussing this, and she to had had cracks in her windshield along with her daughter. They tracked theirs to needing a New Outlook on Life.  Very good I thought, I’ll ask the Divine for a brighter new outlook on my life, for it looked pretty dismal from my point of view.

But alas, this was not enough. Now my phone glass has four cracks in it. Obviously, this is a sign and I have not found the issue of where my vision is cracked.

So let’s take a look at Vision/Eyes, if you have issues with your eyes or have cracks in your vision here is a chance to “look” a little deeper at the issues.

The emotions of the eyes is quite a list, as you read through them, and mark which you test for that is truth for you, or what you have a charge with when you read it.

  • Bitterness
  • Resentments
  • Ego
  • Keeping resentments for too long
  • Remorse
  • Regret
  • Hurt
  • Hostile
  • Deep seeded grief
  • Unable to express grief
  • Not feeling fulfilled
  • Not wanting to see truth
  • Fear of the future
  • Not wanting to see the future
  • Not seeing good in the future
  • Not seeing life as it really is
  • Feels life is weak
  • Not forgiving
  • Unworthy
  • Inadequate
  • Unable to see your own worth
  • Unable to understand what you are seeing
  • Holding onto old concepts about self
  • Not acknowledging new knowledge
  • Not sharing new knowledge
  • Fear of not seeing what others have to share
  • Fear of not sharing own wisdom and knowledge for fear they know more than you do
  • Wasting time
  • Jealousy
  • Seeing the bad in people and things
  • Only seeing the bad and wrong with yourself
  • Not seeing what needs to be done
  • Not seeing that you do a good job.
  • Thinking that you are superior to others
  • Thinking you are inferior to others
  • Unable to express what you feel from what you have seen
  • Upset from seeing bad in things
  • Not being able to express yourself

Test for blocks for the physical eyes and the third eye from the past, present and future time.  What is blocking you from seeing and achieving your dreams, your desires, and your journey here on the planet?

Positive Teachings:

  • I see truth
  • It is okay to see
  • I know how to and am allowed to see clearly
  • I see with love and joy
  • I am willing to see my own beauty
  • I am safe in the here and now
  • I know how to and when to express myself
  • I forgive myself and others
  • I am worthy of love and joy
  • I am adequate, capable and competent
  • I know I am as good as anyone else
  • I am equal to anyone else
  • I can voice myself with grace and ease
  • I can see bad and good things and know how to let go of the bad and focus on good
  • I am proud of myself and what I do and accomplish
  • I can forgive myself and others and let go and focus forward
  • I can dream and see good in my future

“Look” at your eyes, give them some love and attention. What do they need for you to see well, spiritually, physically, emotionally? What cracks do you have in your vision? Do you need an adjustment of thought, attitude or awareness?

Nutrition to help your eyes and eyesight:

Supplements/Nutritional: Vitamin A, copper, manganese, glutathione, grape seed extract L-Lysine, B5, selenium, B- complex, Vitamin B2, vitamin c, vitamin e, zinc

Carrots, broccoli, raw cabbage, cauliflower, green vegetables, squash, sunflower seeds, watercress

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