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Dancing with Water

The day has finally arrived. Melanie and I are so happy to announce the release of our new book, Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water. We’ve received a lot of great feedback from water enthusiasts and from the scientific community as they have reviewed the book. Both are nearly as excited as we are to finally have this book in print. The book represents a unique blend of science and esoteric wisdom written in an effort to help anyone treat, structure, enhance, and revitalize their water. A recent book review makes this comment: The authors have produced a compelling treatise for any reader who is truly interested in understanding the depth of their relationship with water.

Dancing with Water has taken us nearly 3 years to research, write, re-write, edit, index, and prepare for print. It is filled with the essence of our hearts and souls. We are slowly building a Website http://www.dancingwithwater.com/ where the book can be purchased and where we can offer further information on many of the concepts introduced in the book. There you will find a short video that briefly explains the New Science of Water.

If you feel so inclined, we invite you to pass this email along to any who might be interested in the book, and to share it on Facebook or other social media websites. One way or another, please join us in the “dance with water.”

MJ Pangman

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