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What do you dream about? Do you lucid dream? Do you imagine yourself in different scenarios? This is a very good process to learn to do to help bring awareness of your divine purpose. We as humans are not born consciously remembering who we are, where we are from and what our purpose is.
Knowing our purpose gives us direction and more meaning to life. When we know this and can connect with our purpose we can live with more intention and make choices in the direction of that purpose and more in alignment of who we are and not cycle of chaos we seem to create over and over.
It is good to embrace life with your whole heart, be open to the different pathways that allow yourself to grow. Be inspired by you! Give yourself the permission to be the unique you, and the allowance to find and follow your path. This is a lifelong journey; it is about the journey and not the end result. There is no end result, you will evolve and change, as some of you life’s purpose is fulfilled you will place new reasons of being and purpose in your path. You are constant creation of your Divine Soul.
Here are a few things to help you on your journey; First thing is to ask, ask yourself, ask your Creator, ask your Angels; get everyone one board with you and what your intention is. To find your life’s purpose! Then ask yourself, “What drives me?” “What inspires me?” WRITE IT DOWN! Make a list of things you wish you were doing, things you’d love to be involved in, what makes you happy, what brings you satisfaction? WRITE IT DOWN! Next, take a look at your personality, what are your weaknesses, what are your strengths? What do you like about yourself, what are your challenges that aren’t so favorable? WRITE IT DOWN!
It is time to contemplate all of the things you have been discovering about yourself, then start to dream about it, think about it, create scenarios in your mind of how fun that would be, how you feel doing these things. Let yourself be involved in the feeling creation, the feeling memory of who you are. Have some fun putting yourself in the vortex of something more. Then start creating these experiences from your imagination from that inspiration. For more often than not, these are the keys to your life purpose. You will then start to feel more powerful with your life because you are making the choice to live with meaning in your life.
Live your life with purpose, your purpose

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