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Giggling Over!

A friend of mine told me one night that I was like a ray of light and that I just seemed to giggle over! That made me giggle. But at the same time, I remembered I had not always been so happy. In fact, I spent many years in a state of depression. The conversation reminded me of the time in my life when I had been in an unhappy relationship. It was a time when I thought I was doing all the right things—the things I was supposed to do. Unfortunately, very few of those things brought me real happiness, and I didn’t feel like giggling.
There were moments during all those years when I found great delight in my children. I know I laughed with them and giggled when they did funny things. But, it wasn’t until I ended that unhappy relationship that I realized how suppressed I had allowed myself to become. I recall the time about a month after my children’s father left when I found myself trying to get my daughters excited about visiting their dad. I explained that their daddy needed a relationship with them, and that they needed a relationship with him. However, their protests continued. Out of the blue, I asked if they wanted me to get back together with their dad. Both my daughters looked at me in horror. Simultaneously, they gasped and cried, “NO!” I was surprised by their strong response and I asked them, “Why?” My youngest daughter, in all her innocence, replied, “Mom, you can’t. We have never seen you so happy! You have never laughed and giggled and played like you do now.” At that moment, I realized I was the one who was responsible for being happy! . . . and one of my main goals became to find my giggle.
I started by looking for the reasons I had been (and still was) sad. I was surprised to discover that I really didn’t know what it meant to be happy. I was even more surprised to discover that at a deep subconscious level, I didn’t think I deserved to be happy. Whoa . . . I knew I had to change those beliefs! I also found depression in my family genetics. That had to change too! Fortunately, my training and my work provided the tools to make the changes. I enlisted Creator’s help and over the course of time, I shifted a cluster of beliefs that permitted me to experience more joy and happiness. My giggle began to return.
The next piece of my giggle came when I discovered gratitude at a deeper level. I found an amazing and life-altering gift when I started being grateful for the littlest things. I found gratitude in the sunrise, in the warm sun on my face, in blooming roses and freshly cut grass. I was grateful for a clean kitchen and for food that tasted melt in your mouth delicious. I was grateful for gas in my car! Before I knew it, gratitude seemed to flow without any thought or effort. It spilled over into every aspect of my life. I found more joy in my children, my family, my friends, and my clients—and my giggle also began to spill over.
Then I connected to the child within. Oh my goodness!!! What a delight the little people inside us are! When I learned how to allow my inner child to come out and play, that’s when I learned how to play no matter what I was doing. Whether I was doing the dishes or working with a client, it all became play. And that’s when my life became a giggle—the giggle that was so obvious to my friend.
I’m glad I found my giggle. How about you? Where is your giggle? Can I help you find yours? By identifying and releasing old patterns and beliefs, your whole perspective of life can change.

Oh, Happy day.


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