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Good Vibrations

High Vibration

By now if you live in the or anywhere near, or there about the metaphysical world; you are going to have heard that everything is energy. You have heard over and over about how you should just think positive thoughts you can manifest anything. That you must be specific in what you really want, or not! You may have worked hours and hours even days, months and years on clearing the blocks and beliefs that are no longer serving the person you really are and the life you really think you should be living!
Yet, are you? Have you found that switch to shift your vibrations? Your frequencies to match up with your manifestations, your desires; heck even just to live a good happy day!
That is the focus of this month’s Spiritual Gathering Group. “Good vibrations!” (catchy eh?)
Sunday February 7th @ 10:00 – No. Ogden, Utah
Give yourself a good two hours to be here! Cost $25
Please R.S.V.P and if you can’t make it, I’ll try and do a recap on my blog, so look for that or sign up for my newsletter @ www. kathryn-scott.com
And please feel free to share – pass it on as you will, for even when we change one good thing it benefits the whole.abundance

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