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Greatest Gift

nature-685176_640With another Christmas season upon us, most of us are thinking about gift shopping. Well I know I start thinking about this is July, and sadly I used to have my Christmas shopping done by September. Well this is no longer the case, now that all my children are raised; I have shifted focus into deeper things. So today I want to tell you something that many of your already know. The greatest gift you can give yourself and others is Love. Start with loving yourself, authentically, gracefully, compassionately; connect with your own heart! Yes your very own heart, remember your heart? Do you remember what love feels like? Well, start with you. I challenge you to say “I love you” to yourself every day for 21 one days. First notice how you feel about yourself right this very moment. Are you sad, stressed, angry, or lonely? Then say it, go on say it! I LOVE YOU! Don’t worry that it didn’t change what you were feeling, but it might; then do it again, and then tomorrow do it again. I promise you, you should feel different in 21 days! I challenge you! Do it, do you know why? Because, I love you too! 

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