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Guardian Angels


We were all born with angels to watch over us. All of us! We all have at least one, many have two that are with us the moment we take our first breath and stay with us until we cross over to the other side. We also have other guardian angels we can have anywhere from a handful to a host of angels at any given time. I only know of two times that angels are not at our side.
One is the dark night of the soul. This is a process where the soul is going through an initiation and our soul finds itself in a very dark place. At this point angels from a higher office step in and help us through. This is because it is to hard on our little guardian angels to see the one they love so deeply going through such a difficult time. They step back in as soon as we have past this dark place and continue on the journey with us.
Another time when our guardians step back is if we ourselves have become in a dark place whether it is from drugs and alcohol or violence. Now you’d think that they would stay closer at these times but they cannot for the person in these situations are choosing the dark angels over the light ones. So, because of free agency and choice, the angels of light step back and allow the choice of dark to step in. There are dark beings for every misused drugs, some I consider demons. There are dark beings even for misused alcohol. Also people that have died and not crossed into the light who were addicted to these things attached themselves to a person that is using drugs or alcohol. They flock to persons that are in the dark of their minds, in sadness, in anger, in depression and destitution.
Be aware that it is up to you to call back in the angels of love and the angels of the light to be present in your life when you are in the dark places of life. Believe and Trust!

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