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Happy New Year

new year

Greetings, and a very happy new year to you!
With several people asking about doing group sessions, I decided to start them up again. We seem to get a lot accomplished in energy groups and they can be a lot of fun if you allow the energy of the group to flow, and you are open to new people and experiences.
My intent is that these groups are for you! It is time to step up to the plate of your own spiritual journey and what you need to do, and I want to help you along the path.
These groups are open to the old hats of the healing and spiritual processes and to the newbie’s that are just opening up to their spiritual journey and every one of us in between.
So, here we go!
Spiritual Healing Group
When: First Sunday of every month
Time: 10 am (plan on about 2 hours)
Place: No. Ogden, Utah
Cost: $25
• Digging at the unwanted and debilitating beliefs, programs and patterns.
• Manifesting
• Spiritual growth
• Connecting to your souls purpose
• Connecting to spirit
• And much more
Come play together, grow together, and heal together.
Tell a friend, bring a friend and please R.S.V.P  email @ divinewellnessconnection@gmail.com


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