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Our imaginations were at our best when we very young. We were encouraged to imagine with games and books. Most of us believed in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and even the tooth fairy. We wondered and dreamed in our little minds how Santa came down the chimney, and how the Tooth Fairy knows that we have lost a tooth and that its under our pillow. We are encouraged to draw and make up stories, we played make believe, and played house, or cowboys and Indians or any number of make believe games.

Then all of a sudden things started get “real”! Reality starts to set in. “Sigh”. Society starts to mock the dreamers, story-time ends up being history lessons. Make believe turns into real life. I don’t know about you, but life wasn’t fun anymore! If we used our imagination we are called day-dreamers, idealistic, naive, immature, and we begin to forget how to dream, and what the freedom of dreaming feels like.

We go to use our intuition, we approach it with seriousness, thinking I need to be inspired to create something profound and wonderful pursuit in our life. There is a heaviness to it, the flow is not there.
We then begin to realize that we are having a difficult time letting our intuition come in, soon realizing that it takes our imagination to connect to our intuition. It is the key to unlocking the doors the other worlds. We may be able to open some of the doors, but with the key of imagination we are able to unlock the doors of untold possibilities.

For you see, what you imagine is real, it is the secret to unlocking and receiving the intuitive information. It is the same channel you used to play house, or cars when you were little. Now you can use it for receiving boundless possibilities and it is the greatest vessel for intuitive connections and your creative power.

In my classes I teach that what you imagine is real. That many of us can “feel” it or “sense” it, or even feel it. I ask them to put pictures to what they are feeling. One of the biggest fears is that they are “making” it up. Wonderful I say, make it up, until you trust enough to know that it is real. Learn to trust, what you are seeing!

Meditating is a good way to start dreaming, picturing yourself on a beach or by a mountain stream. Imagine if you will that your mind is a big picture screen, letting wondrous scenarios come across the screen of your mind. Notice the details to what you are thinking about, what are the colors, are there people, who are they, what are they wearing? Where are you in your own picture show, Ask yourself the questions, and then notice. We become the artist of our own intuitive realms.

Once we start to dream and be a day-dreamer again we move into discernment and interpreting. This can sound so cut and dry, but you must remember that the world of the intuitive is not made up bricks and mortar, but of watery imagery, vast and interconnected.

Come out of the dark corners that create fear in your intuition and go through the back door of your imagination for it leads to the beautiful gardens full of blossoms of magic, choices, chances and hope.
Travel the roads to wonderment, and take flight into your blue vastness of creativity!

Be a witness to your own imagination, and to your own intuition.

Just Imagine it!

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