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Messages from the Other Side – Meaning of life?

Jan. 5, 2017

Meaning of life?

So, I felt the Councils presence and asked if they had a message? In return I felt them ask, “do you have a question?” Hmm, I pondered this for little awhile and returned with the age ole question…”What is the meaning of life?”

The answer was short and sweet. “Love.” Period.


There was a long pause. And then I asked for more.

The ultimate reason for life is love. To live, feel, give and the receiving of love.

However; Each individual has their own reason in every lifespan;  their own journey and their own souls quests. Each soul has their own personalities and aptitudes. Their own gifts; strong and weak parts of them.  They choose experiences that will help them grow, let them have joy, have hardships and remember that they are love as they move through the levels of souls.

Personal note:

Knowing that we are the creations from love, and earth life is a teaching and a learning time, and as humans living an earthly existence, I do believe that love is the greatest desire of the human experience.

For me this one area is so filled with conflict, and I know that this is one of the reasons for my lifetime now. I tend to open the door just a little, something happens and I slam this door closed. Isn’t it good to know that we are eternal beings because this might take a few eons for a few of us to get this!

I am now lucky to be married to a very good man, that love is his core, so for me it is learning to accept his love and expressly feel it and the love I give in return. Although my marriage is not filled with all happy days of rainbows, we both are learning the loving process, and I am now putting more of my conscious awareness towards love.

A big part of reconnecting to love is first loving ones self; accepting all of yourself, the faults as well as your qualities. Reconnecting to the heart core and not having our come from be a place of hurt, pain, or emotional upset. Communication, understanding and forgiveness with ourselves and others is a good place to start. Acknowledge what your trigger points are and have your point of acting and retracting in life come from a better place.

In conclusion; we are love, learning to reconnect with who and what we are in a world that seems just the opposite of what we want and feeling life is against us. But because you know who you are you can love yourself first creating meaningful depth and all else should follow.

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