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There are moments in life where you know you make a difference; when you have said something, done something that has touched someone else’s heart. To touch their heart you must love them, to love them is to love yourself, and to love yourself is to love the sacred Divine. For it is all one. I am a part of you, you are a part of me and we are the sacred Divine.
In those moments be in gratitude for the sacred of us that is you, be in gratitude that your heart expanded beyond self to the greater us.
In the rat race we seem to create of our lives we forget to take the moments and appreciate the beauty of self. We lose focus and balance of who we truly are, we seem to lose sight of our life’s purpose and why we are here on the earth at this time.
When was the last time you really sat and took a moment to look within, to breathe, to let go and relax, to notice yourself? Do you wonder who you are, why you are here? What is your life purpose? Why are you having the experiences you are, and who are the people in your life to you?
Let me help you find some answers let me help you connect to who you are and why you are here.
In the meantime, be kind, be forgiving, be the love that you are.
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