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My Book!

Here it is! I finally finished my little book! You can find it on Amazon. This has been a long time project of mine, long time because of lack of confidence in myself. But with the encouragement of my guides, angels, ancestors, and my friends I have finally just uploaded it as an ebook. Click on the link on the sidebar, that will take you to the Amazon link.

Follow the journey of a psychic and medium as she discovers her gift to work with those on the “other side.” Share her experiences with ancestors, spirit guides and angels and feel the love and gratitude as she opens the door to the other side for a greater understanding of lost souls, suicide, traumatic death, and missing persons. Connecting with the Other Side is a message of hope for those who have lost a loved one. It is confirmation that we are all loved beyond measure, and it is assurance that the ones we have lost are still close at hand.

I hope you take the time to read of a few of my experiences, feel free to share it with others if you feel they would enjoy it as well. I also would love feedback on Amazon.

Thank you all. 🙂


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