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Need a Detox?

If you have been a client of mine many of you’ll remember having a foot bath. So, let me ask you how long has it been?
Remember that having an aqua chi foot bath has been reported to help with reducing inflammation, pain reduction, and detoxification! It can help improve blood, liver, kidney, gall bladder and colon functions. And some people even said it helped with sleeping!womanaquachibath
Remember it is good to have a foot bath after any round of medications.
Most people that have had foot bath feel relaxed and an overall much better feeling. Many say that they feel they are walking on a cloud after.
Need a good detox, reduce some inflammation or help with pain?
Come get a foot bath!
$25 for 30 min ($5) for 10 min more.
$35 for 30 minutes with essential oil rub after.
Buy package (4) 30 minute sessions for $100 with free essential oil rub.

Please email or message me for yours today! I look forward to serving you.

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