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Raise of hands, who’s Stressed?

Stressed? Raise your hand!

Alright, I had an ah ha moment this morning; I’m stressed, so I’ll raise my hand, because I am a person that seems to thrive and live daily on stress. Yes, not a wonderful thing to admit let along to or thrive on and ┬álive my life in constant stress. But what if fear was the basis of this stress?

Questions of your Stress vs. your Fears

If stress is part of your life, it is time to ask yourself the questions of what causes me the most stress? And why? What am I really afraid of? What fears am I building this stress upon? It is really simple but we feel so complicated and often overwhelmed when we live this way. We can have our come from fear based, or we can have our life come from love and support. Which would you prefer? Knowing who we are, and where we come from can make your life flow a little easier, and knowing ourselves and our path here on the planet makes it a bit more wonderful living the day to day, and even give us a better and brighter future outcome. It is time to change our story, bring down our hands of stress, and empower ourselves from the core outward.

Some of the basics of stress can be to name a few are: financial, bills, my job, my boss, fellow employees, traffic, spouse, children, car problems, to much to do, not enough time…..What is your list? Write it down! Then ┬áthe next thing to do is list them in order of what is the most stressful in your life to the least.

  1. Finances
  2. Spouse/marriage
  3. Children
  4. Job
  5. Boss
  6. Parents
  7. Etc.

Then take each of those and sub categorize it.

For example: Financial

a. not earning enough,

b. difficulty paying bills, to many obligations, in debt.

c. etc.

Next step: What fears, beliefs and emotions come about with each on your list.

For example, Do you have a fear of never having enough? This is a basic fear. Or the fear that you are not good enough, this goes even a level deeper and the fear of not having enough is built on the good enough.

So, imagine all the stress that is built up in your life is built on fears and belief systems. Find out what yours are, and de-stress your life!

How would you live differently if you had less stress?

For me, I would probably worry about all my problems a lot less and focus on the inspiration that comes to me; think about that, act upon that inspiration!

Once you have identified some of the sources of your stress, the next step is to support your mind, body and soul to live in a more calm and happy state. When you change a few things you will notice that the things that used to stress you, won’t so much, and you will have a new frequency and vibrational level, and that means you won’t attract that anymore. Ah, doesn’t that sound good?

Support for Change:

  1. Do you need assistance in finding the core issues of fear and stress, then changing what no longer serves you? Please schedule an appointment with me, this is one of my favorite parts of the my job, to dig to find the answers. Sometimes we need the big toys to dig deep!
  2. Learn your trigger points. Be aware of your stress levels, and start paying attention!
  3. Start noticing when your are stressed. Ask yourself why, what is it. And what is under neath it.
  4. Nutrition: Eat well, and drink plenty of water. Also there are great supplements to help the body to de- stress.
  5. Movement: yes exercise if you have to call it that! Personally I like to walk, do Tai chi, and Q gong
  6. Get a massage! This is a great way to relieve stress and relax the body into a different vibration level.
  7. Essential Oils and Stones and Crystals:
  8. Daily gratitude and affirmations
  9. Read – Read for fun, read for insight and wisdom.
  10. Music – Calming and uplifting
  11. Beautiful spaces – go to the beach or the mountains; take time to ground with nature.
  12. Practice Mindfulness

I hope this article helps you along your path, feel free to make your comments and share your story. If I can inspire or assist you in any other way, please contact me.


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