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Did you realize that when you hold onto resentments, regrets, and feelings of rejection, it uses copious amounts of energy? And don’t forget about bitterness and grudges. They steal your energy as well. The neurons in your brain spend an incredible amount of time and energy in order to keep these issues alive. Around and around they go embedding themselves deeper and deeper into your consciousness unless you can find a way to let them go. No wonder negative emotions eventually create illness, and no wonder these emotions prevent you from being truly happy. They literally get in the way of positive emotions.
Cells have receptors for emotions. Once a cell has been imprinted with an emotion it wants it all the time. It’s like a drug—a fix for the cell. If a cell has been imprinted with depression, it resonates with depression, drawing it into your life to maintain the “fix.” On the other hand, if a cell is imprinted with feelings of happiness, it will draw events that continually create happiness in your life. Ideally, emotional release work not only releases negative emotions, it also teaches your cells what it feels like to live with another (more positive) emotion. Your cells can let go of “poor me” and replace that feeling with what it feels like to live in joy and happiness.
When clearing resentments, you can pull or delete the resentment, but if you are holding a grudge, the resentment may come back. The unconscious mind is powerful. It will protect you in many ways—even if it has to create grudges, anger, and resentments to keep you from being hurt again. You may have resistance to releasing these—and with good reason—they are keeping you safe. You may have been involved in abuse or there may be abandonment issues. Simply pulling the resentment or the grudge may leave you vulnerable. This is why it is paramount to teach your subconscious mind and your cells that you are safe by providing the alternate imprint of what it feels like to live in joy–without the resentment or the grudge.
People and situations come into our lives to show us the beliefs and feelings that need to be released. If you have something going on in your life that you are not particularly happy about, you might want to look at it a little closer. Ask yourself: What is this trying to show me? What are my feelings about it? What is the root issue that has brought this to my attention at this particular time? Why do I feel the way I do about it? You might want to ask yourself how this person or situation is serving you? You might be blaming a spouse or a situation just so it will keep you stuck and from moving forward. What fear is keeping you in this present situation? What lesson is your higher self teaching you? Another nice question to ask yourself is, Who will I be when this is cleared from my life?
Take a few minutes and write down as many resentments as you possibly can. Then examine each one closely. How deeply does each particular resentment affect you? Use a scale from one to ten. For those issues that have a bigger charge, look deeper and write down your thoughts and feelings. Then do the emotional release work.
If you would like assistance clearing old unwanted resentments, feel free to give me a call and we will dig together and clear them in joy.

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