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Sack of Sorrows

girl riverI am notorious for worrying and stressing! This affects me on so many levels; one I get cross when I stress, two, I get moody, and three it has taken its toll on my body. My adrenals are worn out because of worry and stress which in turn has made me feel run down and I’ve gained weight.
So I’ve been working on this pattern and program of worry and stress, and doing things to change. Not long ago I came across a visualization I read in the book “The Source of Miracles” by Kathleen McGowan. I’d like to share, and hopefully it might help someone else when they are bogged down with so many worries.
.”I began to dream, and my tears came with me from my waking into my sleep. I was sitting on the bank of a river, one that flowed through a lush, verdant landscape. And yet I continued to cry, despite my presence in such a beautiful place. And then I heard a voice behind me, rich and resonant, ask, “Why are you crying?”
I looked around, standing there, perfect and luminous was Jesus. “Come, walk with me.” He gestured. “I want to show you something” I followed him and we walked along the river. I wiped my eyes as he asked me again why I was weeping when the world around me was so lovely and blessed by God. I told him that I was tired and overwhelmed and didn’t know how I was going to pay the mortgage next week and a number of other worrisome things that fell from my mouth as we walked. He was silent, listening, as he led me to an ancient oak tree on the riverbank. Hanging from one of the branches was a large sack made of a pristine white fabric. Jesus walked to the branch and untied the rope that attached the sack to the three. He held the bag open and out toward me.
“This is a Sack of Sorrows. I want you to put everything that is currently troubling you into this bag. Get it out of your brain and your body, and pour it all into this sack. Just speak all your worries into it no, until you have none left.”
I am not on to argue with the savior of the world. Besides it sounded like a lovely idea. And so I took the bag and cried all my worries into it until I was completely exhausted with the effort.
“Finished?” Jesus asked. I nodded mutely in reply as he tied the rope tight around the white sake before turning to hurl it into the river. “See that? That is the river of time and it flows directly to God. Now, he will take all these worries away from you so they do not burden you and longer. But you must release them. Watch them bob down the river, and then just let them go….”
This I did, already feeling amazingly lighter. Before he left, Jesus turned to me and said, “You can come here anytime, and here you will find the White Sack of Sorrows hanging from this tree. When your worries become too much, put them in this bag and send them to God. Oh, and tell your friends that they can come here too. The sack’s capacity is unlimited just as God is.”
We cannot live in worry and stress and manifest the good life. I share this in hopes that someone besides me can use this and find peace within them and turn over the worries to a higher power, so we can call in what is for our highest and best. And yes, paying the bills is part of our highest and best.
May you find and have peace. K

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