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Self Esteem

I’ve had a lot of years where I have had low self esteem, it is very much internal. How we perceive ourselves from the inside out is all a matter of perspective. Our perspective about ourselves shapes our lives. If we feel good about ourselves there is optimism and confidence. If there is low self esteem there usually is criticism and pessimism. Truth be told, I’ve been working on my low self esteem which has been since I was a little girl. Now the number one reason I have been working on this is that I am a fairly new bride, 2nd time around and I found an amazingly supportive husband that really truly adores me. Every time he tells me how beautiful I am, how wonderful I look, how sweet I am; I balked at him. I believe this makes him feel bad. So, in short I decided that this behavior and self identity issue needed to change. In the beginning of this process my adoring husband (being a railroad engineer and quite the romantic) wrote a poem for me on one of his trips. I’d like to share this special poem with you, in hopes that someone else might find this as beautiful as I did and inspire them to be better.


She says she’d rather be told she’s pretty than beautiful, but i disagree.
You see beauty encompasses the whole, and not just what one can see.

Don’t hear me wrong, she’s very pretty, pretty beyond belief.

Her eyes they sparkle like stars in a dark desert sky,
and her smile is as white as the coral in the Great Barrier reef.

It makes me wonder, how could she ever have any disbelief?

When she pulls her hair back with a clip, or tucks it behind her ears up under her hat.
All those little things she does, makes me say to myself, “wow, imagine that”!

I look at her and think inside my thoughts, what a pretty,
beautiful and truly amazing woman I’ve got.

I love you my sweetheart and bride, with all of my heart.

Ramblings of a romantic railroader
Eric T.

Thank you for letting me share, something so dear to my heart.

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