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Self Talk

I am enoughWhy is it that it is so much easier to self loath our self than to appreciate ourselves? What do you get out of hating yourself? To play the victim? To be a martyr? To keep you save from succeeding in life? To give you an excuse to be the failure? To have an excuse for self sabotage? To get attention? Well this is not getting you anywhere! And I know from experience that people around a critical and negative person is not fun, you know it, I know it!
Negative self talk just perpetuates into an ongoing cycle of low self esteem, self loathing, self beat up and bad experiences in your life. So to step out of the cycle that so many are in, here is some ideas to integrate into your life.
1. Notice it! Yes, the first thing is your need to notice when you are taking and thinking bad about yourself!
2. STOP! Yep just Stop It! Not easy you say, yes it is, I like to think of the red button from Staples. So I imagine pushing my red button and I say Stop it to myself!
3. I next tell myself that I am okay! I repeat it over and over, and have starting saying. I’m okay, and I love you.
4. I journal it. Yeah don’t get all scared! It is only writing down a few things. I have started to write down some of my negative self talk, and I really look at it. I than say, want do I want to feel, be, believe instead? I write that down.
What belief systems are keeping you locked into your negative/critical self talk? It is time to replace it! It is time to recognize your self defeating behavior and replace it with positive counter affirmations such as:
• I can do this
• I’m okay
• In my heart I know how to do this
• I am loved
• I am good at _____________
• I can be happy in the feeling of________________
Find some that work for you, and next time you are feeling anxious or down and you are doing the negative talk take a couple deep breathes and give yourself a pep talk! And then write it down! If there are things you are ready and willing to work on and your need and will accept help because you are worth it, find someone to help change these things, and or I am happy to be your guide.

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