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Self Worth

Where does your worth and value come from? Your net worth? The value of your home? Your car? Our worth and value come from our own beliefs systems about ourselves? Do you find yourself in negative self talk? Do you think critically of yourself and others? Do you build yourself up and think good job, or beat yourself down and think you could have done better? This series is about Love, and how can you love yourself if you are in self beat up and believe you are of no worth or value? Often times when working with clients I find that this is the base of so many things. “I’m not worth it, I have no value, and another goodie “I’m not good enough”! These beliefs are being held in your sub-conscious and probably in your DNA (yep, we pass it down from generation to generation) and the feelings are being held all of your body in the cellular memories!
Is it time you changed this? I’d say! What are you going to replace these beliefs and feelings with? How do you think this will change the next chapter of your story? Just think of your feelings of being worthwhile, valuable, and important. Would this help build your self confidence? Be able to love and accept yourself? Sure it would.
Please contact me for a mini session and I can assist you in removing these blocks! What a relief, there is help!  And rise to your infinite potential!cloud cities_4c1793c6f3a46


  1. This is one of the things I am working very hard on correcting – negative self talk has been my subconscious best friend for years. Breaking up with it is harder than it seems like it should be but one day at a time, I am getting there.

    • kathryn says:

      It is a big issue for many of us, so first remember you are not alone. A suggestion for you is when you notice the critical you talking imagine a stop button and push it! Then tell yourself you are sorry, then forgive me. Then tell yourself “I love you”! This starts to change the codes. Now if you want to hurry up the process, please feel free to have a little session where we go in and remove the programming for this from your sub-conscious.
      Best of Luck Jennifer, I support your journey.

  2. Dana Beasley says:

    Thanks for these wise words! I resonate with what you’re saying. For years I didn’t think I mattered or counted. When I started changing this mindset, my life started changing for the better! It’s so worth it to get help for this!

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