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I love quiet, it is amazing what you hear when it is quiet. It is amazing what you can see when it is quiet, and discover when it is quiet. Over the years I have learned to be very quiet. I have some friends that this drives them completely crazy to have quiet. There seems to always be noisy around them; music, the television blaring, etc. It reminds me of in the Grinch where he is thinking about Christmas morning in Whoville, with the noise, noise, noise!
When it is quiet however, you tend to find the noise in your own head. Is there noise, noise, noise there too? Ah, it is time to learn what it is to be quiet. Softly, quietly, sacredly; there is a place you can get to in solitude that is your peace. It is a place where you can find answers. In this place you can feel contentment. It is time in your busy life to take a moment and start to be aware of your inner heart. There is peace and solitude there where you may go for a rest.
May I suggest; put down your phone, turn away from you computers, turn off the tv, and the music. Find something beautiful to look at, be in nature even if it is in your imagination. So, if need be close your eyes, and find that beautiful spot in your minds eye. Create this space for yourself. Go there when needed.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Imagine quiet, imagine peace, and imagine rest. Breathe.
In this quiet place, turn off your worries, turn of the noise, and ask yourself to “Be Still” telling yourself that everything is going to be alright, that it okay. Say, I love you. Breathe.
Now, if there is something troubling you; bills, relationships, car troubles, fighting, health issues (okay, the list can be endless) you know your upset. Find one or two things that you are in upset with, and when you are in your solitude, your quiet place. Simply, very simply take this upset and give it over to your quiet. Ask, ask your divine heart, ask your divine Creator for help, for resolution, for peace.
Practice solitude every day. Find places to close your eyes for moments or longer periods if time allows. But allow yourself solitude of heart, solitude of mind. Find your center. Go to this regularly, and you will find yourself being able to shift out of troubled and scattered into happy and calm.

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