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Soul Expansion – Are you expanding?

Surface existing to soul Expansion

As of late I have been going through a extremely difficult time; physically, emotionally and spiritually, and I do not feel my soul growing or expanding.  While working hard to keep my frustrations, and moodiness in check I continually seek divine guidance! Because I know and feel a myself shifting along with energy around me shifting, but to what?

Yet, I wonder what have I been doing that was causing so much stress in my body?  Also feeling my work was not up to snuff,  so I’ve pulled back from doing a whole lot of energy work. This is no longer acceptable! So, in my downtime, I have been reaching within, working through many of my belief systems, feelings and emotions that do not work for me. Things I know that does not work for the shifts  and changes that are happening for myself and the world around me.

One stormy afternoon driving back from Idaho to Utah, I had a group of beings step forward into the vision of my third eye. (mind you, I’m driving! lol) This group of beings said they had a message….”for me, I had asked?” And the answer was “not necessarily just for you”.

So, as I sat with them for awhile, getting a feeling for who and what I was communicating with.  I received that the message that I still have a very good connection to the other side and am a voice to bring in messages of love and encouragement as well as to answer questions we have.

Within deep meditations; I’m given assurance and understanding, knowing deep within my heart that these divine beings are indeed the Council of Souls.   But I continually ask that the messages I receive and share are from the divine source,,

So, my first message was from this experience on Jan 3, 2017

I was first shown the edge. The edge of what I felt to be the edge of the our universe.  I was shown the surface, and it was expansive. I then asked what this meant, and I was told that “most of you live your lives on the edge of the surface. That, the majority of you don’t even cover the whole of the surface.  Go deeper and expand . It is better for you all to keep learning and to go deeper within that the learning for there is great wisdom, and where there is wisdom there is growth and where there is growth there is expansion of who you all are and what ourselves to be. (Council of Souls)

Personal Note:

As I pondered my own surface soul existing to expansion;, and for me right at this juncture of my life, my thoughts turned to reading. I love reading and haven’t read enough lately where there was a time in my life that I devoured books. I know we can gleam great wisdom in reading,  I belief that those writers have already been inspired and they put that inspiration down with pen and paper to share with others.

Upon receiving this message I want to take what I am learning and go deeper, think, ponder, meditate, and pray for deeper clarity.

What does this message mean for you?  Where in your life can you go deeper and expand your soul beyond the surface?

Please share.

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