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As an intuitive who is able to “see” the inner workings of the body, I am witnessing changes in the human body that I have never seen before.
After years of working with people on issues of health, I am a firm believer that when we are sick, there is an emotion, a belief, and or a feeling attached to the illness. Working with the emotions and beliefs has, until recently, been enough to bring balance to most individuals and to allow them to recover from a wide variety of health problems. However, more and more I am seeing a lack of nutrition in so many people. Years of eating processed food; years of eating food laced with pesticides and grown in depleted and sterile soil; years of over-consuming sugar and the abuse of caffeine; years of antibiotics, antihistamines, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory medications, etc. etc., are taking their toll on our health. Our bodies are no longer getting what they need to function correctly. Digestion is compromised and we cannot even absorb vitamins and minerals in the little bit of good food that we get. This has become so great a problem that my work must now include nutritional support in order for people to heal.

Grow your own Food
We are in a real crisis! The U.S. spent $120 million/year for the Iraq War, but expenditures for health care in this country have risen to beyond $2.5 trillion (yes trillion). This is overwhelming and it speaks of the imbalance we are experiencing as a global population. The number of diseases and “syndromes” that were unheard of 50 years ago continues to rise. The cost of diabetes alone in one year is more than the entire Iraq war! It is time to reclaim our heath!!! Here are some suggestions:
Grow a small garden – get in touch with Mother Earth
Eat fresh whole food—stop the fast food; it is killing you.
Buy from local growers – purchase organic whenever possible
Try a new raw food recipe every day

Dairy Intolerant?

Our bodies were not created to ingest dairy. Even young people have allergies to dairy. We don’t need the dairy we only need the nutrients that dairy has. Problem is the other particles of dairy are not for humans.  We can get the same nutrients from beans, almonds and dates to name a few. Vitamin D supplements or even sunshine gives us that nutrient, because most dairy products it is added in. As for calcium we are really saturated with calcium and most of us have a calcium build up in our bodies. This blog post is not to discourage you to stop drinking milk or eating dairy, only if you feel yourself having stomach aches, or bloating and gas after consuming dairy.

So here is a suggestion:

Stop all dairy for 2 weeks, keeping a log of how you feel.

Add 1/2 cup of dairy per day for the first week to determine your threshold of tolerance.

From there you’ll have an idea about your tolerance to dairy. Advice: Live in Moderation, and don’t eat or drink things that are not good for you. 🙂 I am taking my own advice today and keep working on it.