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Spiritual Guides

Guardian angel and childrenEveryone on the planet has guardian angels, but everyone also is assigned guides. Now guides are spiritual helpers. Guides are here to inspire, to help you solve problems, bring your attention to new opportunities, and give you ideas about the path of your life. Now guides know the higher purpose of our lives; they have the inside secrets about us, but they are extremely devoted to helping create the best possible experience we can have as a human. The number of guides depends on what you are working though in your life, the challenges you are going though, and what you are moving through.
So there are;
• Guardian angels to protect
• Healing angels to keep us grounded, and inspired to help heal us
• Teaching angels that help us grow in spirit and mind
• Helping angels that help us through projects and life’s adventures
• Errand angels – to help us find things and other helpful chores
• Happiness and Love angels to keep reminding us of who we are and that we are loved
• And Master guides who help on the path and purpose of life
Guides are here to serve you! They seek to do so with such grace, and love. They humbly serve with such joy. So it is important to connect with the guardian angels and guides. Be aware of them, acknowledge them. Start asking them to protect you, help you sleep, find you great parking places, change lights to green for you! They can help sooth your heart, calm your worries, calm anxiety, and lift your spirits when you are down.
Remember to ask! Ask with gratitude! Ask in love, and be open to all the little miracles your angels do for you! And most of all have some fun!

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