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Spiritual Path


Being on a Spiritual Path is extremely personal, and we all enter and follow our own awakening process. Learning to go into your own heart core center and follow the divine path from here is much easier than stumbling along from the human perspective.

The keys to connecting to your Divine purpose and your authentic self takes daily quiet contemplation. It takes loving you, forgiving yourself, being patient and understanding with you, it also takes a great deal of gratitude for the Divine, for yourself, and for others.
Being your authentic self and following your Divine purpose on the earth also takes your heart’s desire to do so. We all came here on the planet for our own reasons, as one and as part of the whole.

Are you connected? Do you know your Divine purpose? Are you in sync with your Divine plan? Is it time that you are?

May you have the desire and the loving patience to do so.
Blessings for today. K

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