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Strength and courage

I’m going through so pretty intense emotional challenges lately, and I’m working through a lot of self analysis! But my 21 year old daughter is going through some major crisis in her life. Between being diabetic, going through school, trying to work, she was in a car accident early in the summer and it was discovered that she has a brain tumor on top of it all. Now she has faced a lot of physical and emotional issues in her life to, but she has been so inspiring to me that last week or so. She has been looking for a quote to tattoo on her arm so that ever day she can look at it and be reminded that she has faith and courage. We have been looking at quite a few. and here is one of my favorites.6381

Just a little reminder to all, we all face challenges., that is part of the human experience. Stay strong, and if you need a little encouragement or help along the way, well that’s what I’m here on the planet for, to support you in the process.

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