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hands-578918_640Through our lives many become extremely self reliant, this is a good thing; but we are social creatures with a whole lot of other beings around us. Many give and serve others, but for some reason or another are unable to receive in return. I have seen many that feel guilty to receive, or feel selfish or not good enough to receive. But there are many times during our lives that some extra love and support is very much important and receiving love, kindness, supporting words or even a really good hug is in order. Learn to stop backing away from support, from acts of kindness; of thinking that you’ve got it covered and can take care of yourself!!! It is time to open your heart energy to both giving and receiving. To be aware of when you need the extra love and support and when others need it. There is a universal law of giving and receiving and the two must be, must be, in balance with each other.
May you find it in your heart and your awareness to reach out for support when needed, and be in your heart center knowing when others can use your loving support.
Be supportive to yourself and receive, be loving of others and give.

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