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Teaching of Love

Stop looking outside of yourself for your worth and value. Self respect, self worth and self value all start by loving and accepting you within you.loving self

Often we feel disconnected from love, we have forgotten or feel separate from that which is at the base of it all is us! We are love, but through DNA, through life experiences and beliefs of ourselves, family,  and those around us we start to believe we are not Love. This belief is not true. So for today I am offering a gift. As an intuitive healer I will give have the Divine Creator give you the teaching of what Love is, the remembering, to know how to feel it, how to express it, how to live on a daily bases with and in Love. Starting with Loving and accepting yourself, how to accept yourself just the way you are, and the knowing to be inspired to move out of the non love and into self love, so you can move forward into connecting with your higher power and then into loving others.
If you would like this teaching, type yes in the comment box to this post, or if you are receiving this in another form, message me With I say Yes to Love!

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  1. Jim Monsen says:

    Yes to love!!! Kathy, you will always be an inspiration to me. I don’t know who else will read this post, but I want to tell you that I truly love your sweet spirit. You are a very special woman and have indeed changed my life for the better. I think you know what I’m saying.

    Jim Monsen

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