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It is my highest honor to share about my experiences with Kathryn Scott. We have worked together many times over the past decade and I am very full of gratitude for the magnitude of support she has provided to me and my family. After a session with Kathy I am always left feeling remarkably lighter, elevated and with a sense of clarity. She has been very effective clearing energetic blocks and helping through wrong thinking. After our meetings I am always beaming with light, love and can’t help grinning from ear to ear for weeks! Kathy is an inspiration in my life and I am honored to count her as one of my friends.

Blessings, Amber Bsumek

My name is Jim and I have been spiritually touched by Kathryn’s unrelenting quest for helping people improve their lives. She really understands how to help you focus on the light and the love of the Almighty and the powers that be. She has helped me to be a better example for my loved ones and friends. My heart and mind have become clearer and can accept and respond now to love, and loving and accepting myself. She challenges you to think out of the box. I am very grateful for that and for the grace she has shown me.

Jim Monsen

It is truly an honor to know Kathy Scott. I would like to share my experience with you about her. I have known Kathy for going on 4 years now, and one thing that I can tell you that is my experience is that she is family to me. I have called her up and had a “session”. She truly assists me in seeing things as they “really” are; and with much more peace and clarity. The things that she does for me, such as “giving me” Gods design for me, and a deeper and greater understanding in my heart. She always has my best interest in her heart and calls me out on “my crap” (lovingly of course!). For a long time I had noises in my head, and through her healings it is now at peace and I feel peaceful and protected. She seems to put you in a bubble of love and healing. This my experience of Kathy, and as for her traits, she is intuitive, grounded, peaceful, angelic, powerful, guided, called, connected with Gods design, healing, she has an open heart, and is very real. I have referred many of my friends, business and persona, and l will continue to go to her for guidance. Thank you, Kathy. I love you lots. But you already knew that.
Michael Cass
St. George Utah

There was a time in my life when I was unsure of the direction and details in which I would be facing. Although having the support of my parents, motherhood was not something I had envisioned going alone. Fall of 2009 and 5 months pregnant I met Kathy and sat down with her for a reading. Kathy ran a body scan of which she told me the baby and I both were healthy. She also gave me insight on a romance that would appear later on and what he was up to at that time. Kathy gave me a spiritual healing to get rid of old negative energy and helped me press the reset button to have the ability to attract my highest good. This woman is a wonderfully gifted healer that I would highly recommend.

Elena Artus


 Get ready for the real deal when you get a reading from Kathy . I’ve had the blessings of many healings with Kathy . The genetic release that Kathy facilitated helped me let go of an old pattern that kept perpetuating an unhealthy belief . This process is emotionally freeing and significant .

Susan Tremont


I have worked with Kathy many times since we first met in 2007. Difficult as it is to list all of the positive experiences I have had with Kathy, she has helped my with my heath as well as helping me work through the blocks that have been blocking my progress towards my goals.
She did a body scan on me once and didn’t want to work with me that day because of my intense anger. I was surprised that when she told me this I was truly very upset and angry; she also asked if I had recently died my hair because it was brittle, unhealthy and unhappy. We live over three hundred miles away, she would have not known that I had!
I love the way she clears my home and furniture of physic debris and blessing me and my family with angels and light wherever we may be, the physical healings, and the connections she makes for me with those that have passed over and are on the other side.
I am so blessed to have met Kathy; she has brought so much energy, light, and healing into my life.

Tracey Trefren

I have known and worked with Kathy for about 17 years. She has assisted me through various healing techniques to relieve me from family traumas and resentments. I was sexually abused as a child and with her help through Theta healing I have been completely healed from these events in my life. It is now one of my greatest strength experiences in that I have been able to assist others in knowing and having hope for peace. When my son passed in a car accident Kathy helped me process this event as well, with grief and connecting me with him. My mother had created some negative space during this event and with Kathy’s assistance I was able to feel peace once again as well as having all controlling influences that created a space for me for the feelings of unworthy and ingratitude to be removed and I now feel at peace with knowing I am loved, I am worthy and I do not have to take on others guilt or feelings of shame. The experiences I have had with Kathy have been freeing for my soul, my peace of mind and my physical self.

Carla McGee