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The Benefits of Meditation

girl-481260_1280I first learned to meditate from my guardian angel, yep my angels! They were trying to bring messages and teachings from Spirit and my mind was always going, going, going. One night when I was in my early Twenties a couple of my angels told me to hush my mind. What, how was supposed to do that?! They gave me a very simple “meditation” to do, although at the time I did not know what meditation was, all I knew was that I was to quiet the mind and go deep into the heart mind connection and relax the body. Yeah that part was difficult too! But this is an easy and simple one to remember.
Breathe, breathe longer, slower and deeper. Concentrate on your breath. Breathe. Now say in your mind “Be Still” Repeat. Be Still, and know that I AM” Repeat the phrase. Repeat it again, and for as long as allotted time as you have given yourself.
If your mind wonders, bring it back and start over. There is nothing wrong with that. Take your judgment out of this.
A very important side note to this phrase. It is deep! There are many levels to it. Allow yourself to find all of them for yourself without pre notions or expectations. Let it be what it is and take you where it does.
The list of benefits of doing this is much more then this little list but this gives you a clue:
1. Relaxes the nervous system
2. Lowers blood pressure
3. Restores balance to the digestive system
4. Aides In the absorption of nutrition
5. Slows down the cardiovascular system
6. Helps to release fears
7. Reduces stress and anxiety
8. Relives some feelings of depression
9. Helps with insomnia
10. Relieves tension
11. Helps reduce headaches and migraines
12. Helps to free the mind of unwanted fears and self doubts
13. Builds self-esteem, confidence and even motivate you.
14. Connects you within and to your higher Over Soul and to the Divine Creator
I think those to be some amazing benefits. Feel free to try this and leave comments on how it makes you feel and how it benefits you.
Blessings ~

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