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The path to knowing the Divine You


There is a path, a road, a way to knowing your own true Divine Self. It is the path of Love and understanding; a path of compassion and awareness. Are you aware of yourself? When was the last time you asked, “who am I”? “Why am I here”? Are you aware of why? Who? And how you are and came to be?
We are all Divine sparks of a oneness that is so much greater than our human minds can comprehend. But from that Divine Oneness of All That is which is Love; you were created. Yes you are a manifestation of Love. And from that manifestation of creation you are. So now that you have some awareness of where you are from, what were you created to be from that Divine spark of love?
You could say you are a teacher, a preacher, a cabinet maker. You could be a man, a woman, a mother a father, a son, a daughter or an aunt or uncle. It matters not what you do, but only if what you do and are makes you happy. If you are not happy, you need to ask why? Ask who am I? Why have I lead the life I’ve lead, where am I going? What do I want for myself? What do I want to feel?
Ah, how do I feel, what do I want to feel? Do I feel love? Do I feel happy? Am I happy? Am I that manifestation of Love that is joy? If not, it is time to do some self awareness practices. Ask yourself the questions? Write them down, if you do not know the answers then come back to them over and over. Continue to ask yourself, ask your higher self, ask your God, Your Divine source, a power that you are connected to. Do not worry about where your belief is on that subject. Just ask source to help you find your answers.
Blessings be to you on your journey. K

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