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Wondrous beauty within

“Often when I step away from otherness into myself, I behold a most wondrous beauty. It is then that I believe most strongly in my belonging to a higher destiny”. Plotinus
Amazingly deep quote for me, I have reread this many times, and it hits me a little different every time. First stepping away from what isn’t me and going back into myself. It makes me think how often I am worrying about so many things that are outside myself.

girl-932399_640Go back into oneself, into that heart core center that is you, that part of you that is a divine spark. And there you will behold a most wondrous beauty! Find that beauty within, sink into it, bask in it! It is then that you will strongly feel that you belong, you belong to that higher destiny; connect back into that higher destiny that is most wondrous and beautiful. Connect into that destiny and follow, there you will find peace and there you will have joy.
Blessings today. K

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