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Belief! I am Good Enough!

“Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside you will manifest on the outside!”
Over the years of working on myself and working with others I have discovered something about us. We are limiting ourselves because of our beliefs!
One of the biggest limiting core beliefs many of us seem to have is that WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Where oh where did we come up with such an untruth about ourselves??? Okay, we have had this belief on our planet for a long time, comparing ourselves to others, and not feeling then believing we can even compete or measure up. It is also in many of our genetics. A limiting process that locks in this belief is being critical of us and others. Okay, I recently took this one to heart. I learned to be extremely critical of myself from my family, we didn’t build each other up; we tore each other down, we complained about each other and about other people. I once sat back at a family gathering and was so mortified and sad inside at the conversation that was so negative and degrading. But I also have been horrible with this and it has created an amazingly low self esteem in myself! But now that I found this program/gene/pattern/habit; I have set out to shift, clean, clear and change it!
But at the base of this was the belief that I was not good enough. So I changed that in my subconscious level, I looked at it in my genetic level, in the mass conscious level that affects me, and even my soul level. Changing it to I AM GOOD ENOUGH!! Finding that this belief affects so many aspects of my life, and I look forward to forgiving myself and then the shift of love this will bring into my manifesting and my experience on the earth.
I look forward to the knowing and belief that I am good enough, and I can stop being so pessimistic and critical of myself and learn how to feel accepting, and patient with my process.
Join me on this journey of I am good enough, and I now have the joy of knowing how amazing I am, and how amazing you are.

Jump for joy!image1

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  1. Eric says:

    Very nicely stated. How many of us have grown up in the same manner to one degree or another? I would imagine many more than would like to admit. I am blessed to stand with you on our journey. With peace and love.

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