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The Optimal You Program

The Optimal You!woman-865021_64012 Week program to becoming the Authentic and Optimal You


Work with a Medical Medium and connect with you, your Divine Authentic Self, the self you know you really are. The one without years of negative self-talk, negative beliefs and years of not taking the best care of yourself. Break free of the limiting habits and thrive!

This 12-week series includes:

  • 9 weeks of individual personal sessions which includes a personal scan and assessment, vitamin and mineral needs, movement plans, eating plans, and energy work of clearing negative emotions, beliefs, and fears.
  • 3 group sessions
  • 9-foot baths 


  • Program Details:
    1. Physical assessments
    2. Emotional and Belief assessment
    3. Thought control
    4. Release work
    5. Spiritual and soul practice
    6. Alter and dream board/visualization
    7. Connection with Divine/Self
    8. What is wanted
    9. What are the goals?
    10. Framing and clarity
    11. Support
    12. Health and nutrition
    13. Journaling
    14. Transitions
    15. Scheduling self-time
  • This program starts now! Do it today! The first group session is Nov. 5 @10 am.
  • Message me for details and any questions.
  • It is time for you! Time for you to blossom and shine and come out from weight issues and struggles. Find the truth of your Divine Self!