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A little basics about essential oils.

lavender-fieldsAnyone that knows me knows that I love my oils! I have been using them for oh a good 20 years! I started using them when I got bit by a brown recluse spider and my leg was turning black and the poison was eating the flesh before my eyes! A dear friend called one night and told me that she had been thinking about me for days and the feeling wouldn’t go away so she thought she’d better call.  Well, I told her of my problem and she said she would be right there! She came in and started pouring essential oils into the open wound. Then instructed me to repeat this every couple of hours. Well, the transformation was amazing, by morning the numbness of my leg was gone! And the blackness was starting to turn a funny purple yellow, and the open wound started to respond with new flesh. Within a week the wound was closed up and healing amazingly well. From then on I was hooked on essential oils! I started to learn all I could and all the countless benefits that they served. So, Here are some basics!What are they? They are the oils extracted from the bark, stems, roots, flowers, seeds and other parts of plants. This oil contains the natural and very unique properties of each plant and each natural aromatic compound of each individual plant.  Each plant/essential oil form this plant has powerful benefits for your health and life.

How are they made?  The method is called distillation.

Steam distillation is the most commonly used method. This process uses a low heat pressurized steam to circulate through the part of the plant that has the oils to extract.

Cold pressed distillation or expression is the best way to extract and obtaining the citrus oils. This process squeezes oils from the parts of the plant with a mechanical press.

Methods of use:

Aromatic – One of the best things about many of the oils is the wonderful natural clean smell. Our noses are very specially made to bring in the essence and receive the benefits of EO just by smelling them.

Topical – Putting EO directly on the skin and mixing with a carrier oil to make it go a little farther or to take down the heat of the oil so it doesn’t burn the skin.

Internally – There are some oils you can take internally, using them in your favorite recipes, taking them in a capsule or with a little water or juice; and/or taking them in a capsule.

Here are a few of my favorite and the ways I use them on a daily bases.

Lemon_sm Lemon – I use this one daily, just by putting a few drops in my water especially when I’m eating out.  This one taken internally supports the digestion system and liver.

This is also is an antibacterial oil and is fantastic for cleaning!  And this is my go to oil for removing gum, glue or stickers off things.

Lavender – The properties of Lavender are soothing and calming but the versatility of this oil is why it is one of my favorites!  I add it to my bath of Epson salts and baking soda for a relaxing bath. I use it for burns! I was burned by a 450° pan coming from the oven.  By morning the burn was barely visible. It is also my go-to oil for heat exhaustion and sunburns.  This is very calming for the nervous system and reduces blemishes.Lavender_lg

Peppermint – This is amazing for the occasionally upset stomach, it does a great job when rubbed on the bottom of feet to bring down a fever. I also use this amazing oil mix with a drop of lavender and frankincense for my headaches and actually it’s my first line of defense!  This oil is also a great pick me upper!

Here are a few recipes for filling your home with wonderful aromas of essential oils.

Put these blends in your diffuser and if you don’t have one of those put a pan of water on low heat on your stove and put drops of oils in the water. Watch it though you don’t want your water to steam out!

Fall Harvest:  Blend 4 drops of cedarwood, 3 drops of cassia/cinnamon, 3 drops of wild orange and 2 drops of juniper berry

Pumpkin Spice: 3 drops of cinnamon, 3 drops of ginger, 2 drops of clove and 2 drops of cardamom

Winter Fire: 4 drops of wild orange, 2 drops of lavender, 3 drops of douglas fir, 3 drops of frankincense and 2 drops of sandalwood

Autumn Forest:  2 drops of Juniper berry, 2 drops of cypress, 4 drops of douglas fir, and 2 drops of patchouli

Scent of Christmas: 3 drops of frankincense, 3 drops of Myrrh, 3 drops of cardamom and 2 drops of white fir


2 drops of frankincense, 2 drops of myrrh, 3 drops of wild orange and 2 drops of cedar wood

Now if you don’t have these wonderful oils, I’d be happy to hook you up.  If you would like to try them out in sample bottles or full size….If you would like the oils in sample bottles that are mentioned above or I’ll make up the blend for you for a small fee. (Basically the cost of the oil, bottles and shipping)