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I saw a quote the other day, “Don’t get burned by the same flame twice”! But until we change our thinking, change the way we feel about things and ourselves we will keep repeating the same cycle over and over! release beliefs
It is sometimes difficult to remove ourselves with cycles, whether it is getting into the same ole bad relationships, or dead end jobs, or bad eating habits etc. etc. Until we shift our awareness and consciousness we continue in those self demeaning habits and patterns.
One of the issues of trying to claw your way out of these patterns and behaviors is that we work on being positive and we work on being happy, and nothing seems to change. I hear that complaint a lot. The issue may lie much deeper than trying to put on a happy face, and a positive change of mind. You must change your heart. It is necessary to dig deeper into your sub-conscious mind and find the root of the unwanted pattern; the root or core belief that is keeping you in the cycle of what is unwanted.
It is time, time to change, time to find your happy. Be your Divine Sparkle! Look deep within yourself and ask the questions. Find time to ask. What is it that you no longer want to have in your life? Ask why do you have this negative thing happening anyway? Have some answers? Can’t find them? Well let me help. This is my divine path. I can help you see it; I can help you change it.
Let me help you change your unwanted beliefs and patterns, let me help you find your divine path to joy. Mention this blog and receive 10% any consultation.
Be the change you really want to be. negative mind

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