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Raise the Roof

Vibrational Rebbot and Self-Realignment Retreat

Presented by Kathryn Scott-Thompson and Jacki Brown

When: November 11th-12th

Where: Golden, CO

Also – November 15th-18th

Where: SLC, Utah

Cost: $225

For additional information and sign up, please email Kathryn at divinewellnessconnection@gmail.com or Jacki at msjackibrown@yahoo.com


A lot is going on with the planetary shifts and personal shifts, so a good clearing and vibrational shift might just be what is needed.

Join us for 2 days to do just that:

Morning Meditation

Chakra and aura clearing


Lunch – Provided

Movement mediation

Discussion of raising the vibrations

How to shift, and when to shift

Singing bowls vibrational meditation

Sunday  – 10 am –

Morning Kundalini mediation

Discussion from the previous day

Channeling of ARN


Exit Kundalini and Blessing

Other Workshops and Retreats available:

12 Chakra Energy Workshop

Presented by: Kathy Scott Thompson

Energy Class: Dousing, Chakra’s, Colors, Tones, & Stones!

This workshop is for everyone from beginners to advanced. Learning that it is wise for us to stay as balanced as possible every day, I created this class to help us have practical and quick ways to help us do just that. We will be working with our colors, tones, stones, emotions, feelings, and beliefs.

Our chakras are our own personal energy centers and are great indicators when we are out of balance. We will be working with each of the main 7 energy centers, along with 5 others and their purpose, blocks, and clearing methods.

This class is hands-on, and you will be working with each other, as well as on your own, so bring a friend that would be fun to work with. You must RSVP for this class at least a week prior. You will also need a pendulum, if you do not have one, there will be one for you to use, or to purchase.

Email registration to Kathryn@kathyrn-scott.com or Divinewellnessconnection@gmail.com





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Opening the Gates of your Intuitive Gifts

This two-day workshop goes through your psychic senses, working with the multiverse and the other realms. Learning to find the Center, and living and healing from that Center. One learns to tune into the angel realm and bring in ancestors. We touch in with past lives and levels of spirit. We talk about the health of the spirit and the body; and how one affects the other. Plus a whole lot more.

*Money Matters
This workshop goes through blocks and emotions that are stopping you from having abundance in your life and gives you the proper teachings into your subconscious and your life awareness. This is a day class and the cost is $175.


*I hold group readings! These are great fun. Gather your friends and family together and I come do readings for the whole group! They are fun, they are emotional, and they are sacred! (But mostly a lot of fun!!) Please schedule a group reading with me soon!