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Forgiving You!

Today let’s talk about forgiving yourself. Yes you! Many of us are excellent in our self beat up, recognizing our faults, criticizing ourselves incessantly! It is high time we give ourselves a little slack and let go. But in this process we need to not beat ourselves up for beating ourselves up!!!! In the self identity process of the Ho o pono ono with Dr. Hew Len he talks about loving ourselves, or the Peace of I; and taking responsibility for our feelings, emotions, beliefs, actions, (basically your life!) In this process he talks about forgiveness. It is difficult for you to forgive anyone else if you yourself do not feel like you are forgiven for all the things you do that are not in the Way of Love.

girl-535877_640So for today’s practice when you find yourself in self beat up, or a self destructive behavior, stop and tell yourself “I’m sorry”. Please forgive me”. Just for a moment, tell yourself gee, I’m sorry I have felt that way about myself, I’m sorry I keep beating you/me up! “Forgive me, self!” (I use my own name here.) “I’m worth more than this, so, I’m sorry, forgive me!” and then top it with an I LOVE YOU!
Daily dose! As often as needed!
So, how do you feel about that?


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