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Do we have a limited number heartbeats?

Question to Source – “Do we have a limited amount of heartbeats in our life”?

There have been so many people around me that are passing away and going home that it has got me again thinking all around this phenomenon. I have predicted it for years that the closer we came to the shift of time many would cross over; because they do not want to be here for various reasons. So, with word this morning that I have another someone very close to me having heart issues and is getting close to her call home; I had an interesting question that I posed to Source. “Do each of us living here on the planet have a certain amount of heartbeats that we get?” The answer I received was “no”. The message continued however with: “The heart however is the center of all living things, physical and spiritual. That for humans there is a measurement of the energy of the heart instead of the number of beats.

Heart Centered – love centered

As souls we are timeless beings, meaning when we are in soul form there is just now, and no linear time. All beings are connected to the source of all things; which is Love, that is all that it is. A source of oneness of Love. The physical heart however is timed with our physical, but is still the center of life.  So many of us are here on the planet learning the lessons of love and connection of heart/energy, others are here playing out karma, and some just playing the game of earth. We are not here to judge the journey of others but know who we are and why we are here at this time.  Are we here to play the game or to expand our love energy, or both?

Heart & Soul Reading

When asked if I could I measure on the heart on a scale, and I was told that this is not how it works in the spiritual realm. But for the sake of physical limitations that I could. So, I asked what mine was….Oh dear. I have work to do! Knowing that we can see and know how we are doing in several different ways, and I will continue go and ask more, so I can journey better centered in the “Heart”; and as an intuitive life coach helping others along their journey of knowing and connecting.


Would you like to know where you are on your scale of love? Where you are on your own souls journey with love?

It is a good idea to check in with your own souls journey to see how you’re doing. I’ll be happy to assist you in this; schedule a 30 min session now.

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